Friday, June 20, 2014

matSeattle Account changed from DeafPixie

Complications seem not very difficult to file against the agencies.

Tonight, I read and watch the video under  "FaiiBaii8" from youtube. he is not alone!!

In 2008, I was against two Agenices of three forgien language Service. It is TRASH interpreter should be threw out of the medical office manager. End up I won the case. which they did not follow up the ADA law were not clearly and

Appear that Medical office do not getting what FaiiBaii say to the male nurse about fake interpreter.

How can you solutions???  Go contact with Office Manager to give the details they use ASL interpreter from fake forgien language. One reason why he can file against agencies after he need to contact Better Business Beuear.  Sorry about my typerwriter wont give me a correction dictionary.

I applauded FaiiBaii8 dealing with his struggle to straight with medical nurse or staff in front desk. Use Schedule office to straight out about name of person he did not able to chance to find out who she is working from Agencies.   Looking at tag . All the ASL interpreter require to carried ID tag while the medical or Hospital. No matter what?  I hope he catched the lady's ID tag from now?

The Blogger is not gave me damn it the name of screen I misused this one of Blogger. I completed forgot about these and find my time to figure out with

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Former old screen was changed from Deaf Pixie to matSeattle =  mat is my first and maiden and my hubby's last name. I rather "matSeattle" where My native of Oregon. I belongs but I could not lives in Oregon.. Away from Oregon due to Deaf community in Salem which I am not belongs to Oregon. Unfortuntly I choose to staying in Washington State.

matSeattle Account changed from DeafPixie